Brian Tororei lends a hand and heart to Nairobi Legal Awards

At TLO Law Associates, we believe in giving service to the community. In that spirit, our Partner Brian Tororei, accordingly volunteered his time and energy to the LSK Nairobi Branch as an assessor for its recently concluded Nairobi Legal Awards.

Brian Tororei receives a Certificate of Appreciation from the LSK Nairobi Branch Chairman

Brian’s task involved site visits to the law firms and organisations that had been shortlisted for the awards to evaluate them and verify the information that had been previously submitted by the applicants through a questionnaire.

Brian together with three other assessors participated in the assessment stage after which they presented their assessment reports to a jury panel for final determination of the awardees.

Brian Tororei who was able to assess four (4) of the seven (7) shortlisted organisations says that the Nairobi Legal Awards 2017-18 was a success. He says the Gala Night that went down on 26 April 2018 exceeded his expectations.

Take a glimpse:

You can find more updates on the Nairobi Legal Awards here and here.

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Blockchain finds one of its Use Case in Kenya

The collaboration between IBM Research and Twiga Foods has seen the launch of a business-to-business logistics platform for kiosks and food stalls in Africa.

The platform, a blockchain-based system has since seen 220 food stall retailers across Kenya benefit from microloans through an eight (8) week pilot phase that not only benefited the retailers but also the platform as it provided feedback for necessary iteration.

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The platform is a financial inclusion service targeting the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) which often have difficulties accessing financing given that most SMEs are characterised by lack of collateral to be used as security.

The platform is mobile based and employs machine learning capabilities to assess the applicants’ credit worthiness thus boosting lender confidence, the absence of which has also contributed to the would-be-extinct financial exclusion of SMEs.

Given the success of the pilot, the platform is likely to see further and wider deployments across Africa in the coming months.

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