Calls for Tough SIM Card Registration Enforcement

CS Mucheru in a past event.

The fight against mobile phones and other ICT infrastructure abuse and misuse intensifies as Kenya’s ICT Cabinet Secretary, Mr. Joe Mucheru, calls for tough measures on enforcement of SIM card registration within the East African Community (EAC).

This call is part of a greater effort to promote safe use of ICT infrastructure within EAC and to wade off criminals who are increasingly misusing ICT infrastructure, including unregistered SIM Cards to perpetrate crimes, including terrorism and kidnapping.

Speaking during the 25th East African Communications Organization (EACO) Assemblies in Nairobi, Mr.Mucheru called on Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to strictly adhere to the SIM Card registration regulations so as to help law enforcement agencies within the region to track down criminals.

Mr. Mucheru’s concerns bolster Kenya’s Telecoms Regulator, the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) recent directions to the MNOs to deactivate all unregistered or partially unregistered SIM cards within their networks.

The CA also recently conducted a crackdown on SIM cards hawkers. At least  sixty-two (62) SIM Card hawkers were apprehended and charged.

The combined efforts of the Ministry of ICT and the CA are aimed at positioning Kenya and the East Africa as a single investment market, and catalyzing the realization of our region’s ultimate goal of political and monetary integration, while eliminating the challenges posed by cybercrime.

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Turner sparks Africa’s Creative Economy?

Turner Broadcasting System Europe Limited (“Turner” or (“TBSEL”), has, through Cartoon Network Africa, sparked Africa’s creative economy in its launch of the Cartoon Network Africa Creative Lab, an African Animation Competition (the “Competition”) designed to bring innovative, local short form content to the channel, and its digital platforms, while reinforcing the local relevance of the Cartoon Network. The initiative also seeks to address the gap in locally relevant content which offers a viewing experience that resonates with its African audience.

With emphasis to Kenya, the initiative is a plus not only to the media industry which is moving towards achieving sixty percent (60%) local content but also to the creative economy as it encourages African talents ranging from creators, writers, graphists, animators, animation students, anyone over 18 years and African based companies in the entertainment industry.

The Competition targets content suitable for children between the ages of 6 and 12. Its entries opened on 7 June and will close on 31 August 2018 across the continent and require among others, the submission of short animated films of 1-3 minutes in the comedy genre and in tune with Cartoon Network’s values of random, irreverent, smart and contemporary humour as outlined in their editorial guidelines.

Like all other competitions, the Cartoon Network Africa Creative Lab has its terms and conditions. Let’s take a sneak preview:

The Seven (7) paged conditions, which comprises: the recitals, entry, selection process, prize and requirements, general terms, annexure 1 and consent form, opens with:

Please note by submitting your entry, you confirm that you have read and agree with the below rules (the “Rules”).

Noteworthy terms, under the general terms include:

And close with:

By submitting your entry, you confirm that you have read and agree with these rules.

And the prize or compensation, for the foregoing is not:But:Also, each Winner may be required to sign a waiver prepared by TBSEL, in its complete discretion, specific to the Prize confirming understanding, compliance with and acceptance of the waiver.

TBSEL confirms that it will cover the costs associated with visas and/or other documents required for travel.

However, and most importantly, all other costs associated with the Prize, including but not limited to tax, valid health insurance for travel, transportation, accommodation, equipment, sustenance, any entertainment and anything related to the Prize not specifically included and outlined in the definition of the Prize above will be borne solely by the Winner.

Notably, the Consent Form reiterates and puts into perspective most of the general terms for emphasis and for the avoidance of doubt that the winners, participants and entrants are signing away their intellectual property rights with informed consent.

In closing, the Cartoon’s Network initiative appears great for the African Creative Economy. The question however remains whether the CN’s enthusiasm and the spark is for lighting the Africa’s creative spirit or burning down the creative economy.

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Blockchain finds one of its Use Case in Kenya

The collaboration between IBM Research and Twiga Foods has seen the launch of a business-to-business logistics platform for kiosks and food stalls in Africa.

The platform, a blockchain-based system has since seen 220 food stall retailers across Kenya benefit from microloans through an eight (8) week pilot phase that not only benefited the retailers but also the platform as it provided feedback for necessary iteration.

Read more at: IBM and Twiga Foods Introduce Blockchain-Based MicroFinancing for Food Kiosk Owners in Kenya

The platform is a financial inclusion service targeting the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) which often have difficulties accessing financing given that most SMEs are characterised by lack of collateral to be used as security.

The platform is mobile based and employs machine learning capabilities to assess the applicants’ credit worthiness thus boosting lender confidence, the absence of which has also contributed to the would-be-extinct financial exclusion of SMEs.

Given the success of the pilot, the platform is likely to see further and wider deployments across Africa in the coming months.

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KT Law Associates at 1st Kenya – Poland E-Health Summit

KT Law Associates’ Technology, Media and Telecommunications Team attended the first (1st) Kenya – Poland E-Health Summit held on 20th March 2018 at Windsor Country and Golf Club and organised by:

E-Health is presently Kenya’s top priority with the support and political goodwill of the President couple with a positive policy and legal framework. The existing business environment is very friendly to the deployment and development of various e-health initiatives, including, inter alia, telemedicine, electronic medical records, and hospital information systems.

The challenges in the operationalisation and implementation of already existing policies and available technologies, a common denominator in many other countries in the world, brings Poland and Kenya together presenting and interesting partnership for the sharing of regulatory experiences as well the establishment of viable business links and mutual scientific corporation.

To this end, the day’s sessions covered an array of topics including, among others, e-health regulations and strategy, regional platforms, e-prescription, e-referral and central medical data systems, Cloud computing in healthcare, ICT in the Polish Hospitals in digital transformation, the European Perspective: GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) on Data Privacy and Business opportunities in ICT in healthcare in Kenya.

The Title Sponsors were: Microsoft,

and Asseco Poland

Through the sessions, there was a general consensus and belief that there is very fertile ground for collaboration in the implementation of their innovative e-health solutions not only between Polish and Kenyan entrepreneurs but also amongst entrepreneurs in Kenya and the county government.

Huge potential for the utilisation of polish technologies and experience in many e-health initiatives in Kenya were identified which are likely to lead to the establishment of valuable links between Kenya and Poland that would lead to many successful common ventures.

Data protection and privacy concerns were very alive especially in considering that Kenya lacks robust data protection and privacy laws.

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