KT Law Associates at 1st Kenya – Poland E-Health Summit

KT Law Associates’ Technology, Media and Telecommunications Team attended the first (1st) Kenya – Poland E-Health Summit held on 20th March 2018 at Windsor Country and Golf Club and organised by:

E-Health is presently Kenya’s top priority with the support and political goodwill of the President couple with a positive policy and legal framework. The existing business environment is very friendly to the deployment and development of various e-health initiatives, including, inter alia, telemedicine, electronic medical records, and hospital information systems.

The challenges in the operationalisation and implementation of already existing policies and available technologies, a common denominator in many other countries in the world, brings Poland and Kenya together presenting and interesting partnership for the sharing of regulatory experiences as well the establishment of viable business links and mutual scientific corporation.

To this end, the day’s sessions covered an array of topics including, among others, e-health regulations and strategy, regional platforms, e-prescription, e-referral and central medical data systems, Cloud computing in healthcare, ICT in the Polish Hospitals in digital transformation, the European Perspective: GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) on Data Privacy and Business opportunities in ICT in healthcare in Kenya.

The Title Sponsors were: Microsoft,

and Asseco Poland

Through the sessions, there was a general consensus and belief that there is very fertile ground for collaboration in the implementation of their innovative e-health solutions not only between Polish and Kenyan entrepreneurs but also amongst entrepreneurs in Kenya and the county government.

Huge potential for the utilisation of polish technologies and experience in many e-health initiatives in Kenya were identified which are likely to lead to the establishment of valuable links between Kenya and Poland that would lead to many successful common ventures.

Data protection and privacy concerns were very alive especially in considering that Kenya lacks robust data protection and privacy laws.

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