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Our lawyers will also represent you in civil litigation cases such as defamation.

We care about our clients' intellectual output. As a result, we counsel them on the need to protect their intellectual property rights in their different forms be it copyright, trademarks, industrial designs and utility models and patents, among others. Besides counseling our clients on intellectual property rights, we assist them in the registration of these rights with the relevant bodies including the Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO) and the Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI). We also represent our clients in contentious matters involving intellectual property be it defending or prosecuting objections of trademarks before KIPI or defending or prosecuting infringement of intellectual property whether the infringement is physical or virtual.

We counsel our clients on the business organisation models in Kenya, guiding them, based on their unique needs, through the advantages and disadvantages of the various models or structures including but not limited to sole proprietorships, general and limited liability partnerships, limited liability companies, Associations and Societies, Non Governmental Organisations, and Trusts. We register or incorporate the appropriate business organisations, on behalf of our clients, file the necessary documentation on their behalf with the relevant regulatory bodies, and also offer secretarial services to our clients to meet their needs. We also guide our clients through the restructuring of their businesses when they need to expand or decrease their businesses so as to suit their desired needs.

We represent our clients in contract negotiations, drafting and review to ensure that our clients’ needs are met and protected. The representation is varied depending on the kind of contract or agreement the client needs and covers other areas of practice. Such agreements include but not limited to non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements, lease agreements, sale agreements, interconnection agreements, collocation agreements, and shareholder agreements, among others.

We offer advisory and consultancy services to our clients in line with our practice areas, as enumerated above, in both contentious and non-contentious matters. We offer our services either, before, during or after the transactions depending on when our clients deem fit to seek our counsel.

We offer advisory and consultancy services to our clients who range from individual clients to corporate clients engaged in agriculture on the best approaches to maximise their yields and return on investments through among others raising awareness and training on international standards, so as to enter into international markets, value addition and collaborations to enhance and maximise on economies of scale.

We represent our clients’ needs by lobbying for laws that are conducive for their business and offer our expertise in legislative and policy drafting to the relevant bodies charged with drafting of policies and bills.

We counsel our clients in the media industry, both in the traditional media sphere comprising television, radio or print media, and also digital sphere comprising social media, websites, blog-sphere among others. Our advisories and consultancies range from policy, legal, regulatory and institutional framework in the Kenyan media industry, to matters of defamation law, consumer protection and competition law. We assist clients who desire to establish their bases in the Kenya media sector and those already established in the market ensure that their businesses are conducted within the allowed purview of the law. We also work with clients specialising in IPTV, Video on Demand and subscription TV. We provide our expertise in drafting terms and conditions for subscription, licensing, distribution and broadcasting agreements among others.

We represent our clients in commercial and civil litigation whether as plaintiffs or as defendants in various courts as they fall within their respective jurisdictions for such claims as breach of contract, recovery of damages, negligence, whether general, professional or medical, and recovery of debt among others.

We represent our clients in the Telecommunications industry, both local and international and also both new entrants and senior participants in the industry. Our engagements included contract negotiation, drafting and review for such contracts as collocation and interconnecting agreements, application for various licences, including but not limited to postal and courier services licences, application service providers licences, content service providers licences and network facilities licences with the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA). We also represent our clients in contentious matters before both the CA and courts. We also offer legal advisory and consultancy services to our clients on the legal, policy, institutional and regulatory framework that affect the setting up or running of businesses in the telecommunication industry in Kenya.

Our lawyers will also represent you in the protection and promotion of your intellectual properties.